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Congratulations to our 2018-2019

2018-2019 ACSD Companies

Thank you all so much for trying out!  You did an amazing job and we are so proud of you!  If you did not make the company that you were hoping for, please make an appointment with Ms.Laura (through Ms.Mandy) to set goals for the upcoming year.

All new company members must attend at least two weeks of summer study at Ann Carroll School of Dance in order to keep your place.  All new Platinum members must attend at least two weeks of summer study at Ann Carroll School of Dance in order to keep your place.  Taking two months off in the summer can be detrimental to your dancing.  It is highly recommended that all company members participate in our summer programs.  If your name has “pending camp” after it means that the faculty feel that continuing your study throughout the summer will help you be fully prepared for the next level.

Diamoniques (jazz, Song and Dance, Hip Hop)
Jameson Bury, Selma Crockarell, Emily Dengate, Helen Enstice, Jacie Grace Hollis, Claire Inglis, Olivia Lee, Aria Powell, Evie Price, Ansley Johnson (pending audition)

Charlie Cruz, Alice Cox, Grace Ciero, Vanessa Kanagasundram, Anslie Gordon, Carson Green, Berkley McLean, Sloane Sullivan, Charlotte Bury, Bailey Johnson (pending audtiion)

Teddy Cruz, Raquel Gorman, Kelsy Parker, Addison Pratt, Claire Sharp, Hadley Webber, Caroline Anderson, Madeline Anderson, Audrey Rowles, Leila Arkava, Katie Dyk (pending camp), Brody McLean, Lily Hollis, Ava Schuster (pending camp and tap workshop), Caroline Romeo (pending camp), Ella Mason (pending camp), Virginia Tompkins (pending camp), Allie Grace Williams (pending audition)

Caroline Clingan, Elsa Crockarell (pending camp), Henry Cruz, Faith Dengate, Catie Ellington (pending camp), Virginia Johns, Summer Grace Payne, Emily Tokarz, Ellen Warden, Haley Martorell, Madeleine McDaniel, Cailyn Gordon (pending camp), Kendall Kuczek (pending camp)

Hailee Carollo, Vivian Corey, Sydney Johns, Avery Johns, Mackenzie Lewis, Emma Minar, Hannah Minar, Gracie Porterfield, Jillian Verble, Peyton Zwolinski, Hope Rainey, Cary-Ashlin Massey, Sara Emma Kahane, Jessie Ellington , Emily Fleming

Platinum 1
Bailey Babb, Mary Charland, Caiden Fioravanti, Kaitlyn Grabbe, Riley Higgins, Caroline Justice, Mackenzie McLean, Ally Medvid, Lily Painter, Maggie Roberts, Anna Claire Bourne (pending audition)

Platinum 2
Sarah Elizabeth Newman, Hailey Hornby, Natalia Knight, Annalaura Lyon, Remi Gibbens, Lexi Kate Woodford, Mary Kate Anderson, Claire Sledge, Ella Watjen, Lily Catherine Bury, Emi Kate Hassler, Linda Gail Rutland

Platinum Pearls
Ella Carollo, Ashley Dengate, Madison Garramone, Margot Neely, Gig Sanford, Ryen Wilson

Ruby Hip Hop
Charlie Cruz, Anslie Gordon, Carson Green, Vanessa Kanagasundram, Grace Ciero, Sloane Sullivan, Alice Cox, Berkley McLean, Bailey Johnson (pending audition), Charlotte Bury (pending audition)

Emerald Hip Hop
Leila Arkava, Madeline Anderson, Caroline Anderson, Raquel Gorman, Katie Dyk, Addison Pratt, Brody McLean, Claire Sharp, Teddy Cruz, Lily Hollis, Ella Mason, Caroline Romeo, Ava Schuster, Audrey Rowles

Sapphire Hip Hop
Elsa Crockarell, Henry Cruz, Gabe Knight, Caroline Clingan, Emily Tokarz, Faith Dengate, Haley Martorell, Kendall Kuczek

Diamond Hip Hop
Sara Emma Kahane, Peyton Zwolinski, Gracie Porterfield, Mackenzie Lewis, Emily Fleming, Cary-Ashley Massey, Jillian Verble

***If you did not make Sapphire or Diamond hip hop, please take the Level 4 hip hop technique for the upcoming year. 

Ballet Small Group (Ms. Rebekah)
Caiden Fioravanti, Riley Higgins, Maggie Roberts, Vivian Corey, Sydney Johns, Avery Johns, Hannah Minar, Emma Minar

Lyrical Small Group (Ms.Niki)
Brody McLean, Caroline Anderson, Madeline Anderson, Leila Arkava, Claire Sharp, Kelsy Parker, Raquel Gorman

Jazz Small Group (Ms. Maggie)
Charlie Cruz, Carson Green, Vanessa Kanagasundram, Sloane Sullivan 

Platinum Small Groups will be decided at a later date choreographed by Ms Laura, Ms.Katey and Ms.Cailin.

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