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Summer Camps are Happening!

Our summer camps are now open for registration! We have a variety of classes for the young performing artist from ages 3 to 18.

American Girl Doll Camp: June 15th-19th Bring your American Girl doll (or any favorite doll) with you to a unique dance camp featuring the stories of Makenna, Saige, Grace and Isabelle. Dancers and their dolls will dance, sing, create fashion shows and many other activities centered around the positive lessons that American Girl dolls teach. Cost: $200 a week

Pre-School Performing Arts Camp: June 15th-18th and June 22nd-25th . 3, 4, and 5 year old dancers will do ballet, tap, hip-hop, musical theater and tumbling Monday through Thursday from 10 – 12.

Performing Arts Camp: July 6th-24th Mon.-Fri. 9:00-4:00 K-12th gradeThe dancers will take ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, vocal, acting, and various specialty classes. Cost: $400 for one week, $525 for two weeks, $650 for three weeks.

Workshops: June 22nd-25th Concentrated study in one style for a morning or afternoon session. Ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, musical theater performance, choreography, and contemporary workshops are available. Cost: $35 per workshop

Please register for camp here. You only need one form even if you are registering for multiple camps. Each dancer in your family needs a separate form.

2020 Camps


2020-2021 Company

Congratulations to all of the dancers who tried out! Thank you for your dedication.

Everyone who auditioned made something so if your name is not on the list please reach out. [email protected]

2020-2021 Company Members


  1. Cora Baum
  2. Emme Dominguez*
  3. Mackenzie Anderson*
  4. Samantha Anderson*
  5. Linley Johnson*
  6. Claire Green
  7. Taylor Grace Newman


  1. Cordy Fortner
  2. Piper Fortner
  3. Emily Dengate
  4. Ansley Johnson
  5. Claire Inglis
  6. Rachel Bidinger
  7. Audra Luskin
  8. Evalyn Price
  9. Helen Enstice
  10. Selma
  11. Claire
  12. Gina
  13. Emerson
  14. Hadley


  1. Vanessa Kanagasundram
  2. Berkley McLean
  3. Charlotte Bury
  4. Charlie Cruz
  5. Anslie Gordon
  6. Mahalee Shandoff*
  7. Sloane Sullivan


  1. Maci Brown*
  2. Caroline Romeo
  3. Mary Ballis McCurry
  4. Teddy Cruz
  5. Katie Dyk
  6. Virginia Tompkins
  7. Sarah Beth Welch*


  1. Caroline Clingan
  2. Caroline Conte
  3. Catie Ellington
  4. Ellen Warden
  5. Elsa Crockarell
  6. Emma Minar
  7. Hannah Minar
  8. Haillee Carollo
  9. Haley Martorell
  10. Cailyn Gordon
  11. Sofia Torre
  12. Virginia Johns
  13. Henry Cruz
  14. Ella Mason
  15. Madeleine McDaniel

Platinum 1

  1. Ella Watjen
  2. Emi Kate Hassler
  3. Hailey Hornby
  4. Faith Dengate*
  5. Mary Kate Anderson
  6. Linda Gail Rutland
  7. Mackenzie McLean
  8. Lily Catherine Bury*
  9. Claire Sledge
  10. Annalaura Lyon
  11. Natalia Knight
  12. Raquel Lammi*
  13. Sarah Elizabeth Newman

Platinum 2

  1. Ashley Dengate
  2. Grace Ciero*
  3. Bailey Johnson*
  4. Brody McLean
  5. Claire Sharp
  6. Ella Carollo
  7. Caroline Anderson*
  8. Madeline Anderson*
  9. Leila Arkava
  10. Maddie Garramone
  11. Margot Neely
  12. Carson Green*
  13. Ryen Wilson
  14. Sarah Baker*
  15. Addison Pratt*
  16. Cameron Youngblood*

Diamonique HIP HOP

  1. Cora Baum
  2. Taylor Grace Newman
  3. Claire Green
  4. Linley Johnson*
  5. Emme Dominguez*
  6. Mackenzie Anderson*
  7. Samantha Anderson*


  1. Emerson Hatcher
  2. Gina Qamirani
  3. Selma Crockarell
  4. Audra Luskin
  5. Claire Ingles
  6. Evie Price
  7. Helen Entice
  8. Emily Dengate
  9. Hadley Schultheis
  10. Claire Young
  11. Ansley Johnson

Emerald HIP HOP

  1. Berkley McLean
  2. Charlotte Bury
  3. Cameron Youngblood
  4. Charlie Cruz
  5. Anslie Gordon
  6. Vanessa Kanagasundram
  7. Sloane Sullivan

Sapphire/Diamond Hip Hop

  1. Maci Brown
  2. Teddy Cruz
  3. Isabella Powers
  4. Caroline Clingan
  5. Elsa Crockarell
  6. Gabe Knight
  7. Haley Martorell
  8. Henry Cruz
  9. Mary Ballis McCurry
  10. Ellen Warden

*Students who are new to company must attend two weeks of Performing Arts camp or one week of Performing Arts camp and four workshops. New Platinum members and Platinum members who are moving up must attend two weeks of Performing Arts camp or one week of Performing Arts camp and four workshops. Please follow the link to register


ACSD Re-entry Plan as of July 6th, 2020

Please click on the link below to see our current re-entry plan. Please know that we will update this plan as more information is provided by the CDC and local health officials. This plan is in addition to cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day and at the end of each day.


Link to Purchase Shoes and Dance Wear!

Here is the link to the Ann Carroll School of Dance online store to purchase shoes and dance wear.  Not all styles are available through this link but many are!  You can purchase shoes for performances and/or other fun dance clothes to wear to class!