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Ballet is a classical form of dance. It is the foundation of all dance techniques as it works strength, flexibility and helps the dancer to create long, beautiful lines of the body. It is characterized by its precision of movement, its musicality and its grace.


Jazz dance is a highly energetic and dynamic way of moving. It includes a variety of styles including Broadway, street jazz, Latin jazz and funk. It can be controlled and slow or sharp and explosive. Jazz dance is very expressive and highly entertaining.


Tap dancing makes the dancer a musician. The dancer creates rhythmic patterns with the metal plates on the bottom of his/her shoes. Like jazz dancing, tap uses a variety of styles.

It can be light on the feet like Fred Astaire or it can be grounded with an urban street style like Savion Glover. Improvisation plays an important and fun part in the creation of tap dances.

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop is rhythmic dancing to hip hop music. It uses the most up-to-date movements of hip-hop culture. It is a style of dance that originated in the streets of New York and Los Angeles and has been made popular by music videos.


Based on the technique used in ballet and jazz, this form of dance has become very popular. Lyrical dance often uses the words of a song as the intent of the dance. It is usually slow and sustained movements with long lines and emotional content. Very expressive.

Turns & Leaps

This 30-minute class will have no warm-up and will consist mostly of across the floor work. We work on basic dance technique and a lot of tricks.

As the title suggests it will consist of many combinations of turns such as pirouettes, fouettes, turns in second, etc. and leaps such as switch leaps, switch seconds and jete variations. This class allows students to focus intensely on technique.


This class uses flexibility and strength to perform gymnastics tricks that can be used in dances. The focus is on conditioning to help students get ready for difficult skills. It’s designed to hone the skills of balance, flexibility, strength and coordination.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater is a class that incorporates singing, dancing and acting. It is a Broadway style class for those who wish to become a triple threat.

It consists of 30 minutes each of singing, dancing and acting. The students will work on harmonies, improvisation and all the dance steps that make Broadway magic!

Class Levels & Time Commitments

2 Years Old: 45-minute class of ballet and creative movement

3 – 5 Years Old:  1 hour class consisting of 45 minutes of ballet & 15 minutes of tap or tumbling (alternative weeks) 

Kindergarten: 1 hour class consisting of 30 minutes of ballet & 30 minutes of tap or tumbling (alternative weeks)

Level 1 (1st grade): 90-minute class consisting of 30 minutes each of ballet, tap and jazz

Level 2 (2nd – 4th grades): 90-minute class consisting of 30 minutes each of ballet, tap and jazz

Level 3 (5th – 8th grades) & Level 4 (9th – 12th grades): 2.5 hours consisting of 1 hour ballet, 1 hour jazz and 30 minutes tap

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