Our Dance

Our goal is to provide a well-rounded dance experience that mixes education, competition, and fun with personal growth and community.

We are not just in it for the trophies, we are in it for all the wins! We are in it when someone achieves a goal, a personal best, a skill they couldn’t do, overcomes stage fright. We applaud our students’ bravery for putting themselves out there and trying.


We offer community performance opportunities, dance trips, and classes in leadership and dance pedagogy offered through four tracks of training.

Track 1: Preschool & Levels

You can dance in our preschool and level classes with a once or twice a week commitment and participate in recitals in June.

Track 2: Company

Students can be on our competition team and participate in three local competitions a year with very little weekend rehearsal commitment.

Find your dancer’s ideal style. It all begins with a free trial.

Track 3: Platinum

This is a pre-professional track for dancers who choose to dance as much as possible and want more competition and performance experience. These dancers are held to a higher standard and are required to take classes and rehearse every Saturday.


They attend three local competitions, one local convention and one out-of-town (Atlanta) competition. They also get to perform at community events such as the Main Street Festival and Pumpkin Festival.

Track 4: Musical Theater

This track is ideal for the student who wants to become a triple threat: singer, dancer and actor. Our musical theater students have the opportunity to attend a musical theater competition in Atlanta each winter and to perform at various community events like the Main Street Festival and Kids Arts Festival in Pinkerton Park.

These classes can be added on to any of our other three tracks or can be taken on its own.

Explore the class styles and pick your child’s favorite.