COVID Policy

August 21, 2021

Summer was so wonderful! Due to the decrease in cases, we were able to loosen our Covid-19 policies. We danced without masks, hugged a little bit and even had the lobby open for a brief moment.

As you know, with the Delta variant, Covid-19 cases are on the rise in our area. We will be adapting our policies as needed based on recommendations from local and state health officials and the CDC.

These are our policies for the beginning of the dance season.

  1. Do not send your child to dance if he/she is not feeling well. This is important to stop the spread of all illnesses, not just Covid-19. All symptoms should be taken seriously and a doctor should be consulted if your child or anyone in your household is sick.
  2. We recommend the use of masks especially for those who are most vulnerable. It will be up to the individual families to decide if and when to where masks. I highly recommend that company dancers where their masks while running their dances as it more difficult to socially distance. Once again, just like last year, no dancer will be forced to wear a mask.
  3. We will socially distance by using markers and/or boxes in the classroom.
    Our lobby will be open at limited capacity. No outside food will be allowed in the studio and we ask that only one parent per dancer come into the lobby.
  4. Please do not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before your class and please do not linger after class so that the next set of parents can come in. If you would prefer to drop off and pick up, dancers will be greeted at the door by ACSD staff and taken to their classrooms. At the end of class dancers will be brought back down to the main door for pick up.
  5. Please be on time for pick-up.
  6. All preschool and kindergarten classes will be given their own prop box for the year so that we do not have to share any of the things that we dance with in class.
  7. The water fountains will remain closed. Please send your dancer with a refillable water bottle to use at the water filling station in the lobby. Please make sure it has a label with your dancer’s name on it.
  8. Dancers should eat before class. No outside food or drink will be allowed in the studio.
  9. If there is a known case of Covid-19 in your dancer’s class, we will notify you.
  10. Those who have been in close contact with that dancer will be asked to take the necessary quarantine measures based on the individual situation (i.e-vaccination, physician guidance and other factors specific to the family and the individual.). Every case is different and we will follow the guidelines from the CDC and local and state health officials in regards to how to handle exposure.
  11. If anyone in your family has a known case of Covid-19, please take all necessary measures to quarantine and do not come into the studio until your quarantine is over.
  12. Zoom links will be available for all preschool, kindergarten and level 1 and 2 classes for parent observation. Zoom links can be created if a dancer would like to take his/her class online due to quarantine. Please email or call the studio to let us know if this situation arises for your dancer.

It is important to us that everyone remains safe and healthy. We want to do everything we can to keep our doors open and offer in person classes to these wonderful dancers. It is our hope that by taking these precautions we can go back to the regular functioning of our studio in the very near future.

Thank you for your continued support and respect for everyone in our dance family.